Sunday, December 9, 2012

Le reditum Deo

From whenst hast thou come o brother of mine?
and what of thy sojourn, voltooi?
Verblijven luttel termijn 休息

WHEN: Thursday 13th of December @ 4pm till 12pm

WHERE: Wind room, although there is currently a bit of blockage.

WHAT: ROTMG, NotoriousDB, 16Comяads (aka Factor Friends), EYE Divine Cybermancy, that F2P NASA space co-op game on Steam.
More suggestions welcome, particularly from Stephan and Christen as I believe you have the least # of games.

WHAT TO BRING: I've got electricity and rain prevention covered. Josh has left some hard liquor for us, although more than me and VR may be drinking this time. Will let Joseph and Christen sort out soft drinks and probably all chip in for Lester St Pizza.

WHO: Rofl is still in Rocky, J&D Hicks on holiday, Deo decided to show, Christen can come, Eduard may be bored, Stephan has 4 laptops and a PC he can borrow, Tony'll turn up and I am available.
All others unknown.

Also inconveniently Eduard's 1GB per day of Skype was unexpected and so my Internet has been double capped, I'm unwilling to restore the speed with my own money, thus we probably cannot play LOL or GW2 or any other game hosted by a server.

And another thing. Dan needs to update our games list, particularly for free games as I dont know who owns what.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!


  1. Not sure if Chivalry can be hosted locally, but surely that would be a good one. Of course, I doubt I'll be able to join in internettedly since you're capped. May wind up being back in Bundy next week, but not sure.

  2. Plus I think we are short by a few copies of chivalry, I may be the only one here with it.