About Us


Once an incorporated group (see here)  that met up for computer games every second Thursday from 4pm to midnight, now just a casual group that sporadically meets up for PC and board games and to consume too much softdrink and junkfood.

The gaming is extremely casual and hosted in the town of Bundaberg. LANs are invite-only but feel free to get in touch with our members if you are interested!

Current Servers




AKA Constitution

Provide a Christian environment in which to:
Initiate a transient LAN
With Cooperative intent and friendly rivalry,
Sojourn to an alternate virtual reality,
Possess a native or create an avatar.
Quest and participate in the world.

Deus Ex Machina is to be avoided while eucatastrophe is encouraged.
Not to be taken, seriously; For fun and comedy.
Community is intrinsic to all activities, both with fellow technomancers and the locals.

TL;DR: Try to keep it PG13+ and we're about as non-competitive as it gets

To qualify as a member you must be a Visiting Member and arrive at more than one event per year that does not occur during holidays.
To qualify as a Visiting Member you must receive an invite.

Details and Clarification of the Constitution

What to bring to a Sojourn?

PC/Laptop (some loaners arrive but check beforhand)
spare power lead
Ethernet cable
Surge protected Powerboard