Raskalnickoff (Ben)
Founding member and President.
Top Games: T.O.M.E, Linux
Top Genre: Moddable Co-Op RPG

Deo (Joseph)
Founding member.
Top Games: Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Minecraft, Mount&Blade , Bahumat Lagoon, Civilisation
Top Genre: RTS, JRPG

VRBones (Tony)
Founding member. SSS
Top Games: Nim
Top Genre: Lineage Simulators

RoflHarris (Sam)
Founding member and Treasurer.  
Top Games: Mount & Blade, Vampire: TMB,
Top Genre: RPG

xXVect0rXx (Dan)
Founding member and Secretary.
Top Games: Star Wars collection and Portal series
Top Genre: Sci-Fi FPS

xXDrag0rXx (Josh)
Founding member. SSS

Top Games: Minecraft, LoL, Warcraft 3, WoW
Top Genre: RPG, Strategy

Two-hands-Rebecca (Levi)
Honorary member. SSS
Top Games: Minecraft, Bahumat lagoon, A.D.O.M., Baldur's Gate II, Cheatomatic
Top Genre: RPG

Duffman (Eddie)
Member. SSS
Top Games: League of Ledgends
Top Genre: MOBA, FPS

Perelandra (Nicole)
Member. SSS
Top Games: Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, Tomb Raider: Series, Age of Empires
Top Genre: Simulator, RPG

Bryon (Bryon)
Member. SSS
Top Games: Guild Wars 2, LoL, ???
Top Genre: with real world cash backs, ???

SSS = Second Season Salvation
These people allowed the association to continue as an official organization for its second year.