Monday, May 28, 2012

Show Prefix Sojourn

Show day Public Holiday in Bundaberg, so we will celebrate wit an extended Sojourn.

WHEN: Thursday 31st of May, say ~ 12am? Potentially running from 0600 to 2400

WHERE: Wind room. Its actually living up to its title today.

WHAT: WoT, LoL, CoH, Orion Dino Beatdown (if it works), Drawsomething. M&B: Warband.

WHAT TO BRING: Ton for drinks and Josh for food? Will need Lunch this lan as well. If you are really keen breakfast is already sorted.

WHO: Expecting Dan, Josh, Tony, Ben. Dont know about any unibreak visitors. If there are extras comment below.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It wasnt a long was but it certainly inspired a lot of games

WHEN: 17th of the fith at 1600 hours

WHERE: Wind room

WHAT: World_of_Tanks, Company of heros, Full spectrum warrior, TF2, Lol, Dino Beatdown

WHAT TO BRING: I feel like old mother hubbard

WHO: VRBones should be here and Dan said he would arrive ~8pm. Other people will be a pleasant surprise.

I still haven got Dino beatdown to work for me, death = CTD.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Vengeance Sojourn

An early sojourn to the the Avengers take vengeance on somebody, not really sure who the bad guys will be.
WHEN: Wed 6:45PM, earlier is OK.
WHERE: Wind room, moving onto the Hicks's then the Cinema, then Maccas.
WHAT: Watching a movie at 7:30, followed by a debrief.

WHAT TO BRING: May drop into the warehouse before the movie to get snacks..
WHO: VRBones, Jollybones, xXDrag0rXx & Raskalnickoff

Possibly to be followed up by a further sojourn in another alternate reality later in the evening or the following day. If so LOL should be updated, may try AOE once more, although it is annoying. My TF2 and Dungeon Defenders are up to date as well.