Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lan 8 - Re-establishing Routine

Ben's back for the near future. So I can start to re-establish my routines now. Over the Christmas break we certainly have not been meeting fortnightly. I'm yet to determine if Uni will have an effect on the weekday, but I'm prepared to reform the fortnightly standard.
Incidentally Lent has started so Easter is only 40 days away. What will you sacrifice?

WHEN: 4:30PM 23 Feb 2012

WHERE: Wind Room

WHAT: Realm of the mad god, LOL, Dungeon Defenders, E.Y.E and hmm, that may be it? I dunno if brick force is avaliable yet. I think not many people got the Tribes skiing game to work. I've also signed up for the Elgium Beta, but haven't opened it yet.

WHAT TO BRING: Ben bought bananas. Pepsi and Pizza are not currently in stock.

WHO: Ben, Tony (~5PM), Dan, Josh, Simeon?
Levi, Joseph and San are Apologies

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Farewell LAN

Farewell Sam
Farewell Deo
Farewell Edd

Hello Uni

WHEN: February 2nd - 4 pm to midnight

WHERE: Windroom

WHAT: Mining and crafting an LOLing, Jupiter's Folly

WHAT TO BRING: We have started already it should be fine.

WHO: Sam, Eddie, Joseph, Dan, Ben, Levi and VRBones??