Tuesday, December 25, 2012

34: Post Apocalypse

How may games are set now? having just undergone a huge turmoil and change we take the first few steps outside. blinking out eyes as we look on the new world that awaits us.

If the world ended I didnt notice, I suppose thats my revelation?

WHEN: thurdsay 27th December ~4PM till 12PM

WHERE: Wind room

WHAT: E.Y.E Divine cybermancy, Dungeon Defenders, TF2, NotoriousDB. I dont think we have many post apocalyptic games in out repertoire currently.

WHAT TO BRING: Arrange food and drink here

WHO: Who's expected to be coming? Who is coming late? Who is leaving early? Who doesn't have a computer?

Plenty of time lect to pick up Dungeon defenders if you dont have it, see here. It's my current favorite charity of choice.

Having only a vauge Idea of who will be attending I'd like to remind people to bring a PC (prefferably with windows) a powerboard and a RJ-45 cable. Also reading the constitution overleaf is probably a good idea. The game list though needs updating.

If you want your profile added to the members page send the details to Dan and ask Sam to make you a picture.

I know Stephan doesnt have a PC, but he should be able to use my Linux box to play TF2 and Notorious.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!


  1. I never ended up getting the killing floor 6 pack when it was at 75%. Chivalry doesn't run on Linux (probably) and christen&Stephan don’t have copies.

    I heard a rumour that:
    Tony is away
    Dan maybe here
    Josh will arrive
    Eddie is back in town
    Joseph is looking for a place to sleep
    Sam is bringing +2
    Ed will be floating around as well
    Ten may bring his bro, Dray. (Ten has a low spec machine)
    I am also planning to attend
    ~8 people?

    1. I'll join by correspondence with chivalry, dungeon defenders, EYE and notorious, GW2 is an option for me too.

    2. I'll bring my ultra book which will theoretically run some steam games from my external HDD.