Monday, August 5, 2013

50: Golden Anniversary

RoflHarris will be returning to Bundy late Friday 16th August and is ready to get some Lanning done either on the Friday or Saturday night (Raskalnickoff had something on the Saturday, possibly?).

Also he missed Raskalnickoff's birthday so this will be a late one of those.

Also its apparently our 50th lan according to the unofficial count on this blog so I guess "golden anniversary" could be a contrived theme there. I think Titan Quest had a Gold edition? I guess we can just play LoL and stack Gold/5 items.

WHEN:Friday 16/08 OR Saturday 17/08

WHERE:Presumably the Wind room, but the beach-house could also be an option.

WHAT: Make sure LoL and Warframe are updated so we at least have those to fall back on.

WHAT TO BRING: Roflharris can bring softdrink but it won't be cold if he's in the car all day Friday before lan. If someone else wants to buy and refrigerate a box of pepsi max, he can pick up a tray of steaks / sausages / other bbq things for dinner instead. Clear this up in the comments or on Facebook or something.

WHO: Roflharris will be there with his desktop (and maybe be trying out Lanning on his MS Surface Pro). Assuming someone is at home when he lets himself in, that will make at least two people at the Lan.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!