Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Absent: Pagent of Lights Parade

Rather than not doing an update at all I'm announcing a non-sojourn. Josh and Dan are on holidays and I've ended up pretending to be Joseph for our church's float.

WHEN: ^th December @ 1700 for tea, up the main street @ 1800, to finish ~2015

WHERE: StJohns Lutheran Church

WHAT: The real reason for Advent (the real reason for Xmas being Mercantilism, and thus ending on the 25th when coincidentally the 12 days of Christmas begin.)

WHAT TO BRING: Apparently I am to take sandals and nothing else is required.

WHO: Well there will be lots of people there.

While it is possible to have our regular sojourn start at 9pm I think it unlikely. I dare say out routine will be a little different over the next month, with more weekend sojourns and the like. Brother Joseph will be around at some point and I have yet another extra person staying with me.

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