Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lan 6 - Lantastic

It Australia day. I think there was another lan before this but I wasn't there so I'm going to claim this as the first lan of the year. Tony and Ben have work off but are socialising till afternoon. This is going to be my last lan for a while as I'll be moving to Rocky for university for 2 terms.

WHEN: January 26th - anytime after 1-2pm to midnigh

WHERE: Tony's Place (bargara). Possibility of carpooling but more than likely everyone will rock up by themselves.

WHAT: Dungeon Defenders is almost a certainty. Other games will be decided on the fly as usual.

WHAT TO BRING: Sam just bought a $12 bag of pie at Bro's Bakery so there'll half a dozen of them to go around. Someone should totally buy a crate of pepsi max and comment here so I don't have to. Otherwise, probably bring a frozen pizza / bottle of softdrink per car and we should be set.

WHO: Expected: Sam and Tony will be there, Ben can come a little later - Eddie, Dan and Josh TBA. (Joseph is more than likely hundreds of kilometres away at this point.

Comment below to discuss, otherwise, see you there!
Also - someone else should take up the mantle making these posts once I'm in rocky -Sam

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Land Voyage - To the Mana bar!

Members of Technomancers Soujourn will be heading to Brisbane on Saturday the 14th, with the main events being a trip to the Mana Bar in Fortitude Valley and attending Sunday Night Live in Rochdale.

  • Tony, Ben, Sam and Eddie are all heading down (in Tony's car I believe) on Saturday Morning ($15 for fuel to Tony)
  • Eventually meet up with Joseph, Levi and Levi's Friend at BUNK backpackers in fortitude valley.
  • Head out to Mana Bar for the Night ($x for drinks)
  • Everyone except Eddie spends the night at backpackers ($25 accomm to Sam), Eddie heads off to see friends
  • No plans for the next day until 6pm Sunday Night live service.
  • Either eddie catches a tilt train home, or we meet up with him and everybody heads home around 8pm sunday between the two cars ($10 fuel to tony, + whatever Joseph, Levi and Levi's friend sort out)
Total Costs:
$25 for accom, $25 for fuel, $50 for food, $50 for drinks

UPDATE: Ben wrote a mostly comprehensible recap