Wednesday, June 19, 2013

47: Juxtapose, bleeding edge retro gaming

Any sufficently advanced techology is indistinguishable from magic.

Maybe we can match the Pokemon emmulator with the nintendo controllers and the Occulas Rift and have a 3D experience like on the Pokemon X&Y on the 3DS?

WHEN: 22nd of June, around of about 2pm till dinner

WHERE: Durdins Road, you know the one.

WHAT: GW2 (dragon events), LOL, MWO, HAWKEN, Sacred, Warframe, Capcom D&D

WHAT TO BRING: Arrange food and drink here. Probably sort it out once we arrive, join the bowed for tea at 6PM and go to woollies before that to find some sacrifices to make.

WHO: Sasha is a probable. Josh is to be bringing a Nintendo and occulas rift. Bowes will be there already, probably painting.

Nintendo will have pokemon stadium 2 running. For this reason I've been blogging about Gold. Which it turns out I've played before. There are four controllers and something like super smash bros, so we can all be retro.

Occulas Rift, well I dont have one but we have two. HAWKEN was supposed to be rift ready on 12.12.12 but ... In the mean time we can load it up and have a bash. It's mostly the same as Mechwarrior Online, but they have drifted more towards a League of Legends model since Alpha. Major bonus is that once everybody is on the same match it just keeps on rolling and you don't have to recreate it.
If the roller coaster and Tuscan villa are still the only functioning programs then.... I suppose I'll just have to wait for somebody with a Dev kit to make something new.
For new we can play the CAPCOM Dungeons and Dragons beat-em-up
For retro I also have System shock 2 functioning now.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!