Just a compilation of the games we have played or plan to play at the regular LANs.
  • Minecraft
    • 1-24 players, one or two copies spare
    • Sandbox. A great time killer, but really needs a permanent server to be enjoyed.
    • USB install, frequent updates
  • League of Legends
    • 1-10 players, plenty of copies
    • Team based competitive gameplay. Steadfast time-killer for many a LAN. Can get competitive but private custom games are always an option of there are enough players at the LAN.
    • USB install, frequent updates
  • Civilisation 4
    • 1-8 players, plenty of copies
    • Turnbased Strategy. Once a time-killer enjoyed at every fortnightly LAN. Games can entertain players for hours but have recently begun to bore some of them within minutes.
    • USB install
  • Titan Quest
    • 1-8 players, plenty of copies
    • Co-op RPG. Game of the original LAN that started it all. Has been played to death but could be ready for a revival with new members getting in.
    • Needs installing?
  • Mount and Blade - multiplayer
    • 1-8 players, one or two copies spare
    • Medieval FPS with some co-op. Picked up on special and great fun for a few LANs, limited replayability.
    • USB install
  •  Age of Empires 2 
    • 1-8 players, plenty of copies
    • Realtime Strategy. Fun timekiller, but could never get it to run on everyones' computers.
    • Needs installing? 
  • Trackmania Nations
    • 1-8 players, plenty of copies
    • Racing game. Super-fun, super-simple racing game. Great for in between games but limited replayability.
    • USB install, Online profiles
  • Magicka
    • 1-4 players, one or two copies spare
    • Co-op story. Great game, but 4 player cap and focus on story made it hard to fit in to our schedule.
    • Copy paste Steam
  •  Borderlands
    • 1-4 players, plenty of copies
    • co-op, FPS, RPG. Great game, insanely fun, but again, 4-player cap and focus on story meant that lan members coming and going made this unbearable. (Unskippable tutorial gets old fast)
    • Copy paste Steam
  • E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy
o    1-32? players
o    co-op, FPS, RPG. Great game, insanely fun, but with some really game-breaking bugs / crashes. No repetitive tutorial, unless you say the whole game is but I call that Plot.
o    Copy paste Steam
  • TF2
    • 1-?
    • Just like pokemon, exept instead of collecting pocket monsters you collect hats, there are other things but the hats are the important part. A solid game that we rarely spend a lot of time on. The most fun is had with just us and melee.
    • Copy paste Steam, frequent updates
  • Dungeon Defenders
    • 1-4 (Some 1-8 maps in DLC eg. with the gender swapping mod)
    • co-op, FPS, TD, RPG. More repayable than sanctum, with abilities and loot to collect.
    • Copy paste Steam
  • The Ship
    • 1-? The more the merrier
    • Murder mystery, life sim. Gain cash from unusual murders, spend it at the coffee shop or buying new clothes.
    • Copy paste Steam
  • Notorious
    • 1-64
    • Anti hero, RPG, 4X. A social engineering game where you build a dungeon and make locals fear and respect you. Not yet in Alpha.
    • No install, email based
  • Realm of the Mad god
·         1-64
·         MMORPG, Quick to learn.
·         Browser / Steam, ~32Mb
  • Mechwarrior Online (MWO)
    • 1-16 players, group matches are 1-4 or 8.
    • Team based competitive gameplay. Cross between LoL and World Of Tanks
    • USB install, frequent updates
     Many many more