Campaign started on or about the eleventh of January using the new world of darkness ruleset, Set in Bundaberg during the second set of floods with Bryon as the Storyteller. Plan is to meet fortnightly, on sunday evening and communicate via peejosities teamspeak server.

wikia site [Requiem Description]
roll20 page [Details, click join game]
facebook group [The usual one] 
dropbox character sheets [Here]


George [Intro]
Jack [Intro][Chapter: One||Two]
Aisi [Intro][Chapter: One||Two]


500yo vampire, small time crook based in botanical guardens
Sadistic Ghoul
Male, uses firearms, works for Alex. Assumes that Jack and Aisi are ghouls.
Mr Mussles Cunt
Powerfull venturi? influential neighbour, on good terms with him.
Devious human wino at the Hotel where George is staying.
Jolly Gangeral
Jack met him in Elysium
Deva Snob
Met her in Elysium, does not like us, Jack in particular. Alex in particular was reciprocative.
Inherited Ghoul
After the murder of her previous masters and watching her age ~10 years before his eyes, Aisi took responsibility of her. Also addicted to ice and heroin. Maintains a haven near the main street.
Deceased, potentially started the floods as a part of an experiment.

Example dice rolls:

Medical assistance: Medicine + Dex or Int
Heaths Leap strike
Detect Aura: Intelligence + Auspex + Empathy-Subjects Composure
Auspex level 3 inspect items: wits + Occult + Auspex
Auspex level 4 Telepathy: Intelligence + Social + Auspex - Subjects Resolve
Auspex level 5 Twilight projection (Ghost form): Intelligence + Occult + Auspex

Puzzle: Intelligence + investigation

Research: Intelligence + Academics 
Explosives: Intelligence + Science

Throw explosices p178: Dexterity + athletics

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