Monday, June 4, 2012

Always Summer Days: The Sequel

Not all of us have the full game, we need somebody to volunteer to be charismatic and do all the talky / shoppy stuff. Probably best that they are the main protagonist too. Raskalnickoff has probably played the game the furthest and VRBones probably knows the rule set the best. Leveling up may take a long time. I’m advising to not use any of the NPCs unless we specifically want a side quest. This will avoid them talking to each other.

Also this may take several sojourns to get into and we probably need the difficulty at max and save often. It’s very painful to have everybody dead and no recent saves.
WHEN: See the Calender over there -->

WHERE: Wind Room

WHAT: LoL+WoT FWOTD, NWN2 that should be plenty.

WHAT TO BRING: VRBones for drinks and the xXNam3Xx's for food. Although Lester St Takeaway seems like a pretty good idea to me.
WHO: Who's expected to be coming? Who is coming late? Who is leaving early? Who doesn't have a computer?

Below can you comment on your preferred role (Race/Class + endgame skill goal) If nobody else claims the burden on charisma Raskalnickoff can


  1. A good charisma character is a paladin. The only downside is that it will preclude some alignments, but the natural alignment for adventurers should be chaotic good anyway. I'd like to try a psionics based character, but I think I need a level or 2 in ranger first to get some damage output.

  2. Dan said we was happy enough with a halfling rouge to be the protagonist. Josh a human wizard, focused on enchantments (can't take illusion).

    I dont think there are any psionics in this version. Also I'm not real sure about a warlock I may have a go at a barbarian instead.