Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lan 17 - Troops, Regroup!

So pure coincidence means that Both Sam and Eddie are back in town for this Thursday. Signs point to a wind-room Lan on that date.

WHEN: Thursday 28th - 4pmish to midnight Expected starting time is close to 5. Expected first game time is closer to 7.

WHERE: Ben's Place - wind room. Sam has an extra folding table if necessary

WHAT: LANs have become less structured again, with no single game really planned, so I imagine events will include LoL and then some form of indie gaming with at least one person watching movies / coding / doing homework instead.
Also make sure that you have LOL, Notorious, Cybermancy, TF2, WoT, Minecraft & Terrariah all up to date. Will have a go at Notorious and Minecraft depending of how prepared VRBones and Drag0r are.

WHAT TO BRING: Sam will bring pepsi, we'll probably order in pizza so it'd be nice if someone brought cash this time. There are some burger rings from Josh as well that we forgot about last sojourn.

WHO: Sam, Eddie and Ben are keen. Tony and a bunch of Hicks haven't been consulted but can be expected. I'm looking into seeing if a Gaffel wants to come but no word yet.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

Seems I doubble poasted, I'll add my 2 bob to your post sam :)

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  1. Also want to discuss Dans’s update on the ATW connection and the possibility of getting a group business card.