Monday, May 28, 2012

Show Prefix Sojourn

Show day Public Holiday in Bundaberg, so we will celebrate wit an extended Sojourn.

WHEN: Thursday 31st of May, say ~ 12am? Potentially running from 0600 to 2400

WHERE: Wind room. Its actually living up to its title today.

WHAT: WoT, LoL, CoH, Orion Dino Beatdown (if it works), Drawsomething. M&B: Warband.

WHAT TO BRING: Ton for drinks and Josh for food? Will need Lunch this lan as well. If you are really keen breakfast is already sorted.

WHO: Expecting Dan, Josh, Tony, Ben. Dont know about any unibreak visitors. If there are extras comment below.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!


  1. I shall be In rocky and likely working on big assignment, but I might have time for LoL

  2. I may be able to join a game or to depending on if I have it and it's not LoL (not up to date)