Sunday, March 3, 2013

Logo GIF

Being what it is I'm happy to say any orientation of needle and letters should be fine. My other comment is that is seemsto be stable for a while, though it's definatly a smooth animation.
Later today I'll put a couple of static images up. 
So if you dont like the logo then say so and suggest an alternative.

Nicole asked about diagonal directions and graduations, Sandy can do it better but here I go...

Now for some Card Ideas. this is the first to arrive. A guide is here.


  1. I was looking at it thinking about what anacronyms we could make with the letters of N S E W it took me a while to realise it uses WASD


    gives some instructions but there should be a better way to ass a GIF, I think I'll leave it up to Sam or Dan.

    1. Tony thought on the left of the header and move "Techno Soujourn" further right.

  3. It's supposed to be static for a while - we're all heading the same/right direction ;p