Monday, February 25, 2013


Still trying to find a group logo. My initial idea was a map of a network, but it lookes like a plant instead.

An iron hand wreathed in flame? Possible POVRAY pic as well?

Maybe a nautical compass with WSAD in lieu of NEWS.

Eye with the iris replaced with a burning earth with Australia visible.
no pic
Something with ASCII art?
═╦═ ╔═╕
I like Sam’s Minecraft text and unicode ☤♨☬☠☢


Once we have a logo, then a business cared then we can hand it out and brag.


  1. I really like the compass idea. Is tastefully nerdy and fits the 'sojourn' part of it

    1. I beleive thats 6 people who prefer the idea of the Compass. I've had a look again at other compass icons in google and nothing seemes significantly better. I may have to load a few games to see, but mostly they dont bother with anything other than north.
      Also not sure how to incorperate colour into this image.