Wednesday, November 30, 2016

100: Full percentage

Last Bundaberg Sojourn?
 Well it had been quite a journey. I'd like to write more but it has been hard work this month.

We have come a long way since starting back in 2011 with this [blog]. Seen many people come and go, played a lot of league of Legends. Became an official incorperated association then let it lapse for lack of boardmembers. Now it is time to hand over the reigns to a younger crowd. Not sure who as yet. There are several other groups like this in town, but we never quite organised the big event that everybody thought would be a great idea.
I have had quite a bit of fun exercising my creative writing skills here and coming up with a new theme each fortnight or so. I also really enjoyed streamiling the logistics of our events as can be seen in [95]. Always trying to ensure there is one game people can all play together, though its also OK if you turn up for a chat and to help with Install Wars.

WHEN: Monday week, 4th December

WHERE: Upstairs at the Hicks

WHAT: What games are planned as major events? LoL, Artemis AoE2, Frozen throne

WHAT TO BRING: Arrange food and drink here

WHO: Who's expected to be coming? Who is coming late? Who is leaving early? Who doesn't have a computer?

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

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