Thursday, December 3, 2015

92: New Year's Lan

Sam is back in Bundy for the new year and will have both boardgames and his gaming PC so let's arrange an all day event to kill some time. Parents will be home so it'll need to be somewhat civilised but we can use either the dining room or lounge room for PCs and the other for boardgames (both airconditioned) depending on how many people can be bothered to lug their desktops over.

WHEN: Saturday 2nd of Jan . ~10am to Late

WHERE: Sam's parent's place. Ask on Facebook page for exact address

WHAT: For PC I don't have anything planned in particular so lets say Farming Simulator 2013. For board games I've got Cash n' Guns, Munchkin, Nuclear War, Worm Up plus whatever everyone else brings.

WHAT TO BRING: I'll try to source a bunch of snausages and bread for a sausage sizzle. Maybe parents will arrange a BBQ dinner otherwise it'll be snausages again. Everyone else grab some softdrink bottles and snacks and we'll see how we go

WHO: Sam will be there with some amount of family. Feel free to pop in and out during the day if you have other committments.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

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