Monday, September 7, 2015

88 Land Voyage; Starscape analysis, Twice Infinity

Infinity goes beyond beyond, With the perpetual increase of entropy and gradual consumption of enthalpy, what might exist past the vastness of time?


Not 100% sure this will go ahead, Last time I organised a trip here every day less people could tag along. It should be a little warm, at the MtWalsh campground there are BBQ's
If its just me then I'll probably eat only oranges and muslii bars and go skinny dipping at Utopia road rockpools. Otherwise Backgammon, Trekking, Red Wine and Bridge are on the cards.

WHEN: 19-20th September

WHERE: Mostly Mt Walsh national park at Biggenden. About an hours drive south of Bundy.
Possibly go for a swim [here] an extra half hour south of Biggenden, 4WD recommended.

WHAT: Firegazing, Stargazing, infinity analysis & Wizards Duel.

WHAT TO BRING: Toggs, Swag, Beverages, Food, Sunscreen, Wizards hat.

WHO: Who's expected to be coming? Who is coming late? Who is leaving early? Who doesn't have a computer?

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