Wednesday, April 8, 2015

81: April's 18

Birthdays are fun, and some more memorable than others. Come and join in to celebrate April's 18th on saturday. Planning to catchup with a few people, chat and share a meal. Bring some drinks to share as well. Also gonna play some computer games if you're into that sort of thing. Oh and it's the last weekend of the school holidays.

Warframe; You will need to patch and confirm your account details beforehand. It’s a free to play space ninja power rangers FPS.
But it’s a ~6.1GB download that steam cannot backup. So you really need it running beforehand.
Assuming we have four people to give this a go I’d like to try teamwork to unlock new map areas, possibly the tutorials. Otherwise we could level up effectively and gather mods in an extraction/ defence mission. But the fun part though is: being a space ninja power ranger, running up walls and getting stealth kills. I was the yellow ranger two years ago when we were in the Warframe beta test (closed beta I think?) but have now switched to a Porygon color scheme, to hurt them in their eyes. Orange didn’t work so well so I couldn’t be a neon Genin, like Naruto. If you want to join a guild I'm in Orcis [steamlink][WIX homepage]

League of Legends, first win of the day. URF mode should be over so I’m happy to skip this and move on to…

Diablo 2; The moon eclipse last time was less impressive that I had anticipated. But Diablo was better. I’m impressed by the voice acting and cutscenes. Between minecraft and Path of Exile, I’d say the graphics have withstood the test of time too. We have not cheated or collected nifty items from old save games at all and have slowly played through the story, listening to all the gossip along the way. I think our party consisted of a Druid, sorcerer, assassin, necromancer, barbarian and a paladin.
Lest see,
VRKnight (Tony) was the paladin, who specialised in Auras.
Arcasian (Josh) was a barbarian? Then became a Druid, to roll bolders of fire through doorways.
minisorcerer (Cameron) chose a sorcerer and his little legs couldn’t keep up with the party.
Newt the third (Marc) assassinated people for a while with his traps
Dave the Builder (Alex) was our duplicate sorcerer.
Anoiki (Ben) summoned skeletons to work for him, but not too many friends because they crowd the doorways.

For later on if you want the same style of play, I've picked up Torchlite 2, which is a six player co-op game and found a nice [website] that lists a lot of other co-op games we may like to try, for when April gets older.

WHEN: April 18th, 5pm till late

WHERE: Ben's backyard BBQ

WHAT: What?

WHAT TO BRING: Arrange food and drink there

WHO: Who's expected to be coming? Who is coming late? Who is leaving early? Who doesn't have a computer?

Oh and also.....

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