Sunday, December 21, 2014

74: Boxing day Beat-up

A boxing day LAN.
Things we will need to do:

On the 26th Day of December my LAN friends all came to play.
(Start from 7)
Connectors, that need plugging.
Routers, they be switching.
Gaaaaamesss, that need playyyying!!!
Food, to be eating.
Drinks, to drink.
Jokes, to be made.
And a great LAN aaafteeerrr Christmas Day!

WHEN: 2014, 12 December, 26th Friday.
Show up any time, Josh expects he will be there all day.

WHERE: Wind room (Ben's Place)

Looking to play some TF2 and LoL.
other games would include whatever we can get working on either Sam's tablet or Josh's Linux laptop

Arrange food and drink here.
There is some soft drink in the fridge already, none of it is diet or pepsi max.
We should make Pizza.

Josh, Sam, & Eddie are expected to be at the LAN.
Hopefully Tony & even his family too. Alice, Alex, & other Josh too if they aren't busy.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

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