Thursday, February 6, 2014

63: Valentine’s used surprise, Saturday Sojourn Flinched

Saturday lost 14HP, Saturday Fainted

This fifteenth of February will be the last Sojourn I can physically participate in for a while. For on the twenty eighth I’ll be going on holidays to Europe for two months. I haven’t been able to get SteamOS to run from a thumb drive, so I’ll be taking Lubuntu13.10 as my OSinPocket, The killing floor will run fine from it. So this sojourn that and other linux compatible cross platformers are on the cards. In addition it will be Valentine’s day today. MWO usually has an event for this and I’m keen to give mech battling another go. Another possibility is to follow Sam’s suggestion of War Thunder, a F2P sim that should have full Oculus compatibility, Also with the rift we could trial AAaaAAa, HAWKEN, DARK or TF2.

We have avoided this several times now. I think I’ve not got much more value to glean from the official incorporation than what I’ve already achieved. I was hoping to have been to a “Queensland Computers” sojourn by now and met some like minded technomancers but…
So rather than me paying for another year, I’m happy to let it lapse.
Or transfer ownership to ATW, letting them take care of the insurance and in turn we hold some events there (buying their food, using their internet). Inherently this opens it up for easier access to strangers/the public and will mean I have less ownership.
Either way I’m going to keep inviting you all over to my house for jolly Co-Op on a somewhat regular fortnightly basis. If somebody else wants to donate the dosh to keep being incorporated I can help out with that and I think we are still operating legally and have enough members to maintain the club.

Day after
Sunday 16th ~1am I’ll be leaving from my house to go to Utopia rock pools, somewhat south of Biggenden, for a hike. The first time I went there was a bit of a waterfall and a few rockpools 3xlarger than my bathtub. Last time I went there the water was a pretty green colour, not flowing and smelt atrocious. If we start walking up the creek at ~2:30pm then we should finish in the cool of the evening and (hopefully) may be able to go for a swim.

WHEN: Satuday 15th 10am till 12am

WHERE: Wind room

WHAT: MWO, LOL, Killing floor, War Thunder, Civ V

WHAT TO BRING: Arrange food and drink here

WHO: Who's expected to be coming? Who is coming late? Who is leaving early? Who doesn't have a computer?

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!

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