Monday, December 30, 2013

60 - First lan of the year

Tony mentioned off hand that he might be free on Wednesday so we unofficially decided that there should be another sojourn at his house. Someone should really let Tony know about this.

WHEN: Wednesday 01/01/13 check facebook for times

WHERE: Tony's place (bargara)

WHAT: Starbound seems likely to make an appearance.

WHAT TO BRING: BYO Fan seemed to be a hit at the last sojourn.Sam can buy yet more pepsi and dinner can be arranged as per usual by putting it off until we're hungry and scrounging together money for whatever shops are open.

WHO: Sam, Ben, Eugene, and possibly even both Hicks seem likely to make an appearance - hopefully Tony as well or we'll need to find somewhere else to host.

Comment below to discuss. Otherwise, see you there!


  1. Tony will be home from canooing before lunch, so if we arrive after lunch it will be all goog. Call that 12 midday


    Sojourn started around 12 with starbound. Ended around midnight with still starbound, as we breached the meteor level on a threat-level 10 planet. Props to Chucklefish for creating a game with enough content to get us through two solid lans.

    That hasn't happened since Titan Quest or Borderlands (1), if I remember correctly.