Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winding up?

I (Ben) have the annual government check form. Do we want to keep the incorporation going for another year?
seems I was wrong and there is an annual renewal fee of $45.
Also we are a "Level 3" organization with assets and revenue <$20,000
we also need to record a date for an AGM, was done on skype I forget when but remember a transcript.
and to attach "a copy of the association's financial statement" which would be $129 out for the cost of registration. I paid that and there has been nothing else.
I'm the president, Dan the secretary and Sam the treasurer.

So do we want to stay official?
this is part of the reason I have been pushing for a logo + business card. but so far have not had a majority agree on anything.
 Currently the pol on Facebook stands at:
  • wind up the association: Josh, Nicole, Bryon, Sam
  • Continue: Tony
  • Migrate to ATW: Nobody
Uunfortunately to date only 7 people have looked at this comment and that is the minimum number from a govt. perspective. I was pretty keen to operate this professionally with business cards and the like to give to people to prove we exist and that E-Sports is a real thing.
We could have been something like Fnatic or Azubu and gone to a tournament somewhere.
And another day or so later:

  • wind up the association: Nicole, Bryon, Sam
  • Continue: Tony, Bryon, Eddie, Nicole, Josh, Levi
  • Migrate to ATW: Nobody

I'll roll over all the details from last year and start on the form this afternoon.

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  1. Positions have been rolled over
    Nominations will be accepted until the end of February
    Current nominations are:
    For President: Ben
    For Treasurer: Sam
    For Secretary: Dan

    Will have an AGM when I have a nice copy of the finances. will look at these nominations then as well. The end of year for us is November 30th.