Monday, October 15, 2012

Land Voyage - To a Supanova

Initially I was interested in volunteering at Supanova, but I haven gotten a lot of other interest for that, maybe next year. Last night I got the last little bit of motivation to post this.

As it currently stands this will be a small scale sojourn.
  • Leaving Bundy ~4pm
  • Giving Alice a lift to see David
  • Arriving at Josephs house ~9pm
  • Possibly frequenting the ManaBar and sushi train again.
  • Breckfast
  • Listen to more on manliness and visit the tie and hat shops?
  • Supanova runs from 10am-6pm
  • parking is $10 tickets are $27.50 for sat ($30 on the day)
  • evening somewhere.
  • Join Joseph for church at carinda
  • Head home ~2pm
  • Arrive in bundy ~7pm

Plans may change but the intent will remain. Currently there is room for 3 more in my car.

 th crew at the entrance
 The TARDIS, I didnt realise how tall Amy Pond could be

 A free to lean Magic the Gathering event

 Procuring Benihime
 This is definatly a fammily event, and I was impressed by this father.
 Anime chess was less impressive than I imagined it would be

 But there was a lot of nice cosplay


  1. Having gone to AVcon down here you might be standing in line for about an hour, unless you can find a friend who helps you cut in front of about 100 people.

    1. One of the reasons I was thinking of volunteering. Another is free entry.

  2. I can house one person (maybe two), not five.

  3. A co-worker here in Rocky just expressed interest in heading down for this as well so we may end up planing down and meeting you guys somewhere. Though it could wind up being an expensive endeavour so time will tell.

    1. Check out flights, may be cheaper than train or driving + It will be a long day getting there, possible but long.

  4. Will try to cosplay something, not sure what yet though. Maybe Hououin Kyoma from Steins;Gate.

  5. interested in coming, have no idea what id cosplay