Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pre Sojourn Sojourn

IF you pre-purchased GW2 and have the 3 day headstart
THEN we are planning something to make use of the bonus time
ELSE dont work about it and see you on Thursday to play PayDay.
END Query

WHEN: Head start begins the American 25th, so maybe sat lunchtime here?
WHERE: Tony's place (Bargara)? Ben's Place? TBC

WHAT: Backup is LOL, Kiteflying & Notorious.
WHAT TO BRING: PC, food will be sorted after people arrive.

WHO: Raskalnickoff, Poominator, VRBones & xXDrag0rXx
The GW2 server will probably crash anyway.
Do we all need to be the same race to start together?
What class are you planning?


  1. I'll probably roll a Necromancer or a Thief, depending ow whats more inappropriate for the race I chose.

  2. so starting roughly 5pm tomorrow (saturday) but possibly three hours early at 2pm.
    When and where should we meet up? Shall I sleep all morning and play all night?
    For me most of Sunday is a writoff, church at 10:30, helping at the multicultural thing 1-2pm.
    And I just got invited to tea at 70 sat, Possibly we could begin at the beach after that?