Friday, March 2, 2012


Madness, mayhem, masochism and maybe more.

WHEN: Thursday 8th march, 5pm

WHERE: Wind room

WHAT: Realm of the Mad god, LOL, Cybermancy, TF2, Terraria, Minecraft.

WHAT TO BRING: one pizza remains, all else is yet to arrive.

WHO: I categorically dunno at this stage.

Elgium, is now in open beta but it appears to be just another WOW clone. May be interesting.
I haven't actually played Tibia. and it sounds like an old game.

In addition floating the idea of Google Apps, and buying websites with .com and .asn TLD's


  1. my +1

    and elgium, hows that going, i got the file and account a while ago but never got into the game.

    also tibia, if we play that i highly recomend everyone reaches level 8 and sits at the orical until we get every1 there. ull know what i mean if u play it. dan is goin sorcerer, ima be a druid :D

  2. All done and dusted. Have returned back to sanity now. I didnt die nearly as much as I thought I would, particularly in realm of the mad god.
    we decided to keep the overheads low rather than buy a website and reconfirmed our desire to be as unliable as possible.
    Also a calendar type this was added to the right.