Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lan 3 - Return of the Ed(d)i

Sneaking suspicion I skipped a week but nevertheless: Tony's off work, eddie's back in town and Josh is getting his wisdom teeth out - to celebrate, lets all head to tony's house, waste Edward's day off and bring as much licorice / taffy / chewy foodstuffs as possible to mock a mostly comatose Josh.

WHEN: December 8 (Thursday) Sometime to midnight. (Eddie will be leaving earlier)

WHERE: At Ton'y place, down at the beach.

WHAT FOR: LoL, TF2 and Minecraft as backups.  .

WHAT TO BRING: Sam will bring pepsi - food of some sort will need to be arranged too. Frozen pizzas picked up at some point before dinner should cover it.

WHO: Joseph and Ben are out of town, Josh is quite likely going to be comatose at home and eddie can attend but will have to leave early (8-9pm maybe). Sam, Tony and Dan if he can get work off can be expected.

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