Saturday, October 22, 2011

LAN the first

Hey, there's a LAN coming up. Just making a blogger post to see if this blog would be suitable for our needs.

WHEN: November 3 (Thursday) 5pm to 12am.

WHERE: At the Grahams' house, most likely

WHAT FOR: Main attractions will probably involve League of Legends custom games, possibly followed by Mount and Blade or Minecraft or Civilisation 4.

WHAT TO BRING: No fee. Sam will bring pepsi, someone will have to grab frozen foodstuffs.

WHO: Well bugger, facebook has an advantage here in that it can easily show who's attending. We must find a widget to do this for us. TEST FIX: +1 this post if you think you can attend

and that's the first invite. Leave comments below to discuss attendance, proposed games, food, etc.


  1. Mandatory vieiwing for all attendees: